Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Stephanie Project

I am thrilled to be writing with Mindi Harris again.  You may remember that the two of us along with Alyssa Page co-wrote 32 Flavors and you may also know that for the last couple of years Mindi has been invaluable to me as the primary editor for Claudia and I.

The Stephanie Project began with an idea of Mindi's, which I added to and she added to my changes and so on.  Before we had nearly 10,000 words and we were only halfway through. I published the first half and she will be publishing the second half sometime this week or next at the latest. I know how unpleasant waiting for the next part of a series can be.

Stephen is a jerk and an amateur pickup artist. On his blog, website, and YouTube channel he gives some of the most misogynistic and obnoxious advice on how to score with the girls of his college. Unfortunately for Stephen, he runs into three sisters who are determined to give him a piece of his own medicine.  It's the sort of story that Mindi writes so very well. It was quite fun for me to write these feminizing victims who were at once cunning, vindictive, and surprisingly caring.

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