Friday, February 8, 2019

Rent-a-Sissy #1: A Change of Plans

This story started with two other stories. I really enjoyed Karen Singer's Girlish on Storysite and also A College Sissy by Nat Rose on Literotica. As a writing exercise, I started the story off much in the same way as those two stories, but I didn't want to retell either of them.  As I started writing, I very quickly had a slightly different idea. That idea became Rent-a-Sissy.

A lot of times when a guy becomes a sissy, there is a big shopping trip coming up in the near future. However, in college money can be tight. In our hero's case, there just isn't enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe. The two girls and one guy who are feminizing decide that the easiest way for him to earn everything he needs is by renting himself out as a French maid.

I think it's a great story for lovers of college forced feminization and you know I'm one of them. Sydney is an interesting domme who is not particularly cruel, but will not take no for an answer. 

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