Monday, September 16, 2019

Catch Up

Hey everybody, the sickness, injury, and hurricane problems that have afflicted us since last post are pretty crazy. I'm way behind and struggling to get my newsletter out too so here's my attempt to catch up on what's going on.

Truthor Dare: David has spent his whole time in high school trying to be invisible. He works hard to get good grades and hopes that nobody will pick up him and he'll develop at least one friend close enough to eat lunch with. One day, when he gets home from school, he discovers that one of the popular girls is having a party. He gets a crazy idea to crash. Armed with a bottle of vodka he rings the doorbell to discover that the guys have gone out to get beer and it's just him and a handful of the hottest girls in his entire class. What the harm in a quick game of Truth or Dare? A lot, if the girls have their way. After all, what's a better summer project than a sissy in training.

Yes, Lilly: Lilly isn't your ordinary young woman. She has a very special set of skills that leave her in high demand. You see, Lilly is very good at dominating, controlling, and even feminizing men. Bret is a bit of a mess. He's never wanted for anything, but now his parents have cut him off. He not only doesn't have the rent money, but he steals from his roommates Doug and Randy. Encouraged by their girlfriends, Doug and Randy hire Lilly to turn their useless leach of a roommate into the perfect sissy maid. Lilly is just the person to make it happen.
Sports forSissies: Sports are supposed to be manly pursuits, but things don't always work out that way in this 77,000-word collection originally published as 11 different books telling 5 different stories. If you like seeing supposed alpha male jocks having the tables turned on them, this collection is for you. Contains the stories I was a Quarterback Prom Queen, Hoops, Penalty Princess, The Sissy Bowl, and Taking one for the Team.
Nial’sNails 2: The Walk of Shame: This two-part story concludes. Neil is trapped! Sarah and their friends have painted his nails and his feeble tempts to remove the gel polish, have only resulted in other girls applying kissable lipstick, waterproof mascara, and a new hairstyle to him. When Sarah and her friends notice the new changes, Neil makes the mistake of yelling at them. Now Sarah and her friends are determined to teach Neil a lesson he'll never forget. This 6,000-word story contains elements of female domination, feminization, and public humiliation. It is intended for mature readers.
CorporatePayback: When Jake started working at Andi's office, everybody liked him. Well, everybody except Andi that is. Behind his toothy grin and sexy swagger, he had charmed all of Andi's coworkers. Unfortunately for Jake, Andi remembers a few years earlier when Jake ghosted her best friend just as they were about to get married. Jake has no memory of Andi, but Andi and Tess remember everything about Jake and Andi is in the perfect position for sweet revenge.

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