Monday, November 11, 2019

Two New Sissy Hunt Books

When the sisters of Phi Delta Mu decided that they were going to begin feminizing and training boys, Karla immediately thought of her high school friend Lindsey. Lindsey has a way of wrapping men around her finger and she's more than happy to travel to DuPont and do the same for her friend's sorority. Soon Rolando is under her spell and in panties.

Heather and Becky chose their victim for two reasons. One, Jason has more than enough flesh to create a naturally feminine shape once they squeeze him into a corset. Two, all that flesh sweats a lot of toxic masculinity, and he’s been stalking some of the freshman girls . . . making them feel threatened.

While the two girls fully intended to enjoy feminizing their sissy and putting him through his paces, they’re also looking to deliver a little justice. They may all the students at the same school, but he’s the one who is going to be learning a lesson.

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