Saturday, June 21, 2014

Taken by the Girl Gang is Too Hot for Amazon

Even though Amazon sells the Kindle Fire, it seems that my latest book Taken by a Girl Gang is too steamy for Amazon.   The books was uploaded on Thursday morning at 10:30 and I expected it to be up by Thursday evening.  Over 30 hours later, I was informed by Amazon that it was blocked.  I could only conclude that the problem was the scene involving the girl gang using the main character's golf club in a way that the PGA would never sanction.

I assumed that the problem involved the 688 word scene of Wesley's brutal deflowering by the girls and replaced it.  I resubmitted the story and Amazon accepted it.   I have also submitted the original version at Smashwords and will try Barnes & Noble as well.  I'm a little worried with B&N because I don't want them dropping my price and encouraging Amazon to do the same.

To find the book at Amazon go to this link : Taken by the Girl Gang (Tame Amazon Version)
To find the book at Smashwords go to this link: Taken by the Girl Gang (Steamy Smashwords Version)

Now, in the event that you purchased the tame version at Amazon and want to know what was cut out, I urge anybody who is the least bit sensitive to these things to please look no further.  I will not be responsible for what reading a passage like this could do to a more delicate reader.  If you are still brave enough to continue, you have been warned:

This section occurs near the end of the book, when Marisol tells the other girls to bend Wesley over the couch and replaces the text that appears before Marisol says, "alright, let's get this bitch home."

Wesley increased his struggles, but he was no match for that many determined women. They dragged him over and held him fast against the back of the couch, bending him over so that his bra was touching the front of the backrest. Marisol stood in front of the prisoner. He could see that the grip of the golf club was glistening with some kind of a liquid covering it.
"It's a special day, when we get to deflower a boy," said Xochitl holding his left arm firmly.
Now a golf club's grip is specially made to not fly out of a golfer's hands. The rubber surface is meant to increase friction and reduce glide. This makes it a particularly unsuitable item for this sort of task. Wesley knew this and screamed with all his might through the gag, though it didn't make much of a sound.
As Marisol pushed the thong from his ass crack, tears began to roll down Wesley's cheeks. He was aware that some of the girls had taken out their phones and were filming the spectacle. He hoped that any moment, Niko would come crashing through the door, but he knew he was on his own. He felt Marisol insert the golf club between his ass cheeks rubbing it up and down.
"A lot of guys love their golf clubs, but his golf club is actually loving him back," joked Xochitl.
"This is going to happen bitch, so you can make this easy or hard on yourself," warned Marisol sinking the end of the golf club deep into his anus.
Wesley had never felt anything like it; the pain was excruciating. The force of each thrust drove Wesley into the couch. With her spare hand, Marisol reached around and began to play with Wesley's cock underneath his skirt.
"Who’s the bitch now, eh?" taunted Marisol.
The lube on the club made it glide into his anus, but Wesley couldn't help resisting. Still, Wesley found himself getting turned on by the attention Marisol was paying to his cock as well as the feeling of her breath on his neck and the weight of her breasts on his back. As she worked up a rhythm, even the thrusts with the golf club started to become pleasurable. His moans were inaudible, but the girls could see the change in his reactions. He spasmed and shot a load right onto the wooden floor of Marisol's apartment. Wesley told himself that it could have happened to anybody, but he felt so ashamed.
"Lick it up, puta," demanded Xochitl ripping the duct tape from his face.
"N-no I can't," moaned Wesley.
"You still dare to tell us no, pendejo?" laughed Lizette menacingly.
"You don't come to my nice apartment and make a mess on my floor without cleaning it up, bitch," threatened Marisol cuffing Wesley upside the head.
Wesley weakly lowered himself to his knees and reluctantly stuck out his tongue, lapping his own goo from the floor.  The girls were sure to get it all on camera even making the reluctantly crossdressed captive stick out his tongue to display his abject humiliation.
"Oh his first mouthful or boy juice; that's one for the scrapbook," laughed Xochitl.
"First of may, I'm sure," agreed Rebecca.
"Hmm, stay right there for a moment girlfriend," ordered Xochitl having a brainstorm.
She took the duct taped and taped the head of the driver to Wesley's ankle.  Wesley reluctantly complied and after wrapping the tape around his ankle and the head three times, she stepped back to admire her work, much to the confusion of everybody else in the room.
"OK, get crawling," commanded Xochitl.  Having no choice, Wesley inched his way along the floor.  Every time he straightened and bent his knee he forced the club deeper and deep into his own rectum.  When the girls saw this they began to hoot and holler with laughter.  Every time, Wesley would stop, one of the girls would prod him onward by kicking his side or slapping him.   Reluctantly, he made his way around the room providing more entertainment, while the girls downed a few beers.


  1. My apologies if any of my suggestions were the cause of the problems, I personally this that this is a very good section of the story.

  2. I don't think it was the execution of the scene, I think it was that the scene was there at all and I am willing to accept that. On the bright side, it got me off my ass about posting my books to Smashwords and I was able to post the more explicit story there. I'm halfway through the sequel and there's a scene with 4 alpha motorcycle gang members that is sizzling. I guess I can write it as a Monopoly game for Amazon.

  3. So glad I have the original, extra spicy Smashwords version! I'll have it reviewed early in the week. :)

  4. I am glad you do too. It's almost a collector's item now lol.