Wednesday, August 19, 2015

French Exchange Now on Amazon!

As I write this, French Exchange is going live on Amazon.  This book is very different from my usual book.  I began working on it in Spring of 2014, but I soon realized that this was not going to be my typical 6,000 to 12,000 word feminization story.  Even worse (to me at the time), the feminization was so slowly building that I didn't think it worked to split it up.  At 26,000 words it's the size of three of my usual stories, but there was just no way to divide it except maybe to put the first 75%  of the book in one eBook and the other 25% in a second book.  The result is my longest story yet.

French Exchange tells the story of Helene who is a French Exchange student staying with an American family.  The family has a boy named Luke who like Helene is a freshman at DuPont College and a girl named Julie who is Luke's step-sister.  Luke thinks he's hit the jackpot in having Helene move into their home for a semester.  What he doesn't know is she's got a talent for turning boys into girls and she's set her sights on him.  She doesn't do this by force or blackmail.  Instead, she outsmarts him and uses her devious mind to draw him further and further into her web of femininity.  By the time Luke realizes he's been ensnared, it's too late.

I wrote the first 8,000 words or so last summer when I was binge watching the BBC show Luther.  That show had a sociopath named Alice who was insane, brilliant, and dangerously sexy.  Up until that time most of my stories involved a wronged woman getting revenge through blackmail.  In this case, there was no wrong committed and the woman if clearly feminizing her victim because she loves it.  I took a lot of inspiration from Alice.

When Claudia began writing with me, I gave her the 8,000 words that I had done last year and she immediately fell in love with it.  She said she loved the pacing, which was much more relaxed than my typical story.  She convinced me to make finishing this book my big priority for the summer.  I'm so glad we did.    The humiliation in this store is very public and for those who enjoy reading about a woman who is two steps ahead of her sissy, this is the one for you.


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