Monday, November 30, 2015

Crossdress for Success

Sam's Date is the newest book in the Sam series and it's taken a little longer at the editor than I had hoped.  I guess the fact his last email to me asked if it was supposed to be the first person or third person mean I left him a bit more work to do than I had planned to.  I decided that it was the perfect time to put out another collection to tie my readers over.

Crossdress for Success is three books (Feminized by his Coworker, After the Ordeal, and High-Heeled Coup) for the price of two books $5.99.  It's a good deal if you don't have any of the books, but I admit that if you have one of them, there really is no bargain. 

All three books came out in the first half of this year and they all did very well.  They're all very different books, but they're all female domination and forced feminization stories in a corporate setting.  '

In Feminized by his Coworker,Cade makes the mistake of disrespecting his sexy African-American coworker Ayana, She finally snaps and the next thing he knows, she's making him wear lipstick at work. The women in the office delight in his humiliation and even his boss doesn't want to get involved. Powerless to resist her, she enslaves and cuckolds him.

After the Ordeal tells the story from a weird starting point, after the main character has already been feminized. It focuses on his humiliating return to work after a woman that he fired gets her revenge by putting him in dresses.

Bending the Bookshelf says, "When a story opens up After the Ordeal, and not just as a tease before delving into an extended flashback, you know you’re in for an interesting story. I love what Kylie Gable has done here."

Finally, High Heeled Coup was written as a sort of forced feminization Working Girl. It feels like a great office romantic comedy from the 1980s with a lot of forced feminization. Steve is an arrogant alpha-male fighting it out with a younger woman for a life-changing promotion at a major investment firm. When he loses, his rival comes up with a plan to make sure that he will never be a threat to her, Feminized and stuck in the secretarial pool, Steve's life is at a low point. He shows up at work in heels every day,but he soon learns that it's the secretaries that really run the company and with their help, he attempts to reclaim his future, but with a new attitude.

Bending the Bookshelf said, "Where most authors would be content to let the story end with a little public humiliation, watching as the alpha male is brought down, that’s where Gable begins...I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the final twist coming, but I loved it. Seriously, it’s absolutely perfect the way Gable resolves the coup. By far, one of the happiest, most satisfying endings she’s offered up to date."

This book is intended for adults and contains 30,000 words with such themes as forced feminization, humiliation, female domination, bondage, pegging, interracial domination, and forced bi.

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