Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sam's Shopping Trip

I'm really enjoying writing the Sam's Feminization series.  A lot of my stories tell rather epic tales in 10,000 words.  I've written pulps, westerns, and office romances, but at it's heart forced feminization is about a boy, a girl, and a dress.

Sam's Shopping Trip takes place the day after the events in Sam's Halloween.  Taylor and Alexis have Sam very thoroughly trapped and now it's time to take him shopping for his clothes for the date they intend to make him go on with his high school's quarterback.

There are no convoluted or complicated plots, just shop after shop of humiliation for one 18 year old high school senior at the hands of his step-sister, three of her friends, and a bevy of sales associates.  In most short feminization fiction, this shopping trip would be a 1,000 word scene, but in Sam's Shopping Trip it gets explored over 7,400 words. of excruciating humiliation.

One thing I forgot to do is to include some of the influences of this story in a dedication like last time.  I will fix that and upload the change.  However, I would say this very old story inspired this chapter a bit:

A Girl's Place is in the Mall by A Dietrich

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