Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors

One of the first beta readers I ever had was a lesbian.  She was amazing and truly gave some of the best reviews of my books ever.  Discussions with her, inspired Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors even though it did take me two years to finally write it.

Lance is a young, but uptight businessman who is proud of his lawn, his neighborhood, and his values.  When he finds out that a very attractive woman named Lia has moved in next door to him, he begins to pursue her only to find out she's a lesbian.  Outraged at this affront to the moral decency of the town, he leads a one man war against Lia and her partner Keri.  They decide to teach him just what it means to have an alternate lifestyle by turning him into their French Maid and bitch.

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