Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bridled by the Bridesmaids

About a year ago, I met two amazing women who go by the names Amethyst Hammerfist and Scorpion.  They were both British and they both wrestled men professionally. I say met, but it was all done through Twitter.  Through them I learned about the world of Session Wrestling and I was thoroughly fascinated to get to know about these women who could make any guy say "wow!" if he saw them at a club and "ow!" if he wrestled with them on the mats.

Last summer, when Amethyst showed excitement over my books, I was thrilled.  I asked her if she'd like to be in one and she told me that would be "brilliant." I began to try and think about what to do with her.  Some of my ideas take years to make it into books so Amethyst went on the back burner.

Claudia had a fun idea for a story--what if the bridesmaids didn't like a groom and feminized him to try and ruin a wedding.  We started writing the book and telling the story from the maid of honor's point of view.  We got about 3,000 words in and realized something was missing.  We wanted a fun way to capture the groom, but couldn't come up with something different.  That's when it occurred to me to use Amethyst Hammerfist.  The problem was, I wanted another wrestler too.  I wanted Scorpion.  I figured the two of them could give guys a bachelor party they wouldn't forget.  I started writing and then I asked Scorpion.

Scorpion is more cautious than Amethyst, but I think there are tight rope walkers who moonlight as professional gamblers who are more risk averse than Amethyst.  Scorpion wanted to read the story.  Her reaction was -- LOVE IT!!!!! Hilarious and hot. Meooww! Excellent work :-)))

I could love with that.  The story that became Bridled by the Bridesmaids came together and I think the bachelor party is my favorite part.  I tried to do my best to capture their personalities based on what I've seen on social media, in their videos, and their wrestling reviews.

The story is actually a bit tame by my standards, but contains bondage, female domination, forced feminization, and several really humiliated groomsmen.  I will definitely have more on Amethyst Hammerfist and Scorpion later this week, but for now you can reach Amethyst here and Scorpion here.  If you are in the Europe and get a chance to wrestle one of them soon, take it and you'll have my undying envy.

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