Monday, June 6, 2016

Penalty Princess 1: Compulsaries
I wanted to do a new series this summer, but I wanted to do something somewhat original.  A lot of stories don't lend themselves to series very well.  A good series has to have a variety of high points and low points and tells a story at a slower pace than an 8,000 word stand alone short story. That's when I dusted off an old idea and decided to finally tell the story of the Penalty Princess.

I'm not a huge figure skating fan, though I have followed it.  Any sport where the result is determined by an election rather than a scoreboard feels too subjective to me, but  I really liked the idea of a hot shot hockey player who got feminized by a group of figure skaters for the purpose of getting him to compete in a skating competition. 

I'm actually surprised that there haven't been many stories about crossdressed figure skaters.  The costumes female skaters wear are super feminine and show a lot of leg. The humiliation of being held, spun, and thrown by a male skater, and being on display for a crowd all really lend themselves to the forced feminization theme.

The first story is a little shorter than I'd like.  It's still 6,000 words, but it was the natural cutoff.  There's some major makeover set for the beginning of the second book. However, I think this one has some great feminization and female domination in it's own right.  Think of it as a very kinky Cutting Edge.

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