Sunday, June 26, 2016

Plaything: A New Series

This week was supposed to be a new Jaguar adventure.  Unfortunately, it's been delayed by editing.  Instead, I just published the first book of my new series entitled Plaything.  The first book is called Meet the New Boss and I think you'll like it.

The series is about a guy named Jason who has the best break in his life when two twins Victoria and Veronica move in down the block from him.  They're beautiful, intelligent, and fun, and for some reason, they really like Jason.  They also enjoy playing feminization games.  Throughout high school, they find all sorts of reasons to put him in dresses, pantyhose, and makeup.  It's never mean and though he resists, they're all having the time of their life.

When Jason moves on to college, the girls have no intention of giving up their favorite game.  They arrange to get him to dress up in college too.  Unfortunately, for Jason he's dressed up and dancing to Taylor Swift to entertain the girls on Skype, when in walks his roommate's girlfriend Tina catching him in the act. 

She immediately charms the twins and takes control of Jason's dressing, but he soon learns he's not Tina's friend, he's her plaything.  Her idea of fun is definitely not the same as his.  Can he escape with his reputation and sexuality in tact or is he doomed to forever be her toy?

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