Monday, July 25, 2016

Penalty Princess 2.0: Transformed

The first Penalty Princess book was definitely a bit odd. Very few forced feminization books would ever revolve around hockey and ice skating. In fact, I think it may be the first feminization book with either of those elements in it.

Penalty Princess 2.0: Transformed is a much more normal feminization book in that the majority of it take place in a mall and involves a shopping trip for Danny to buy the clothes he will need to pull off pairs skating as a female skater.


"Somebody needs a bra fitting," answered Kristi in a sing song voice.
"Wow! Really? This is awesome!" exclaimed Janet, "But why are you doing this?"
"The Maritime Championships are coming up. Michelle can take my place in the individual program, but the best chance Matt and I have of winning and advancing or even getting a shot at the Olympics is to have a good replacement. Danny is actually a very decent figure skater and the perfect size," explained Kristi.
"Can you get him ready in that short a time?" asked Janet.
"Hey, if we can't, we still get all the fun of humiliating him this way," answered Michelle.
"Yeah, it's win-win," added Regina.
"Well, I'm more than thrilled to help. Let's go get Heather fitted. Just think Heather, soon you'll have your own bra for your little boobies," said Janet motioning to the other girl at the register and leading the group to the back of the store. "I know you're not going to want her too big for figure skating, but we can definitely improve her figure too."
"Perfect," said Kristi looking at Danny like a cat stalking a rubber mouse. "I know we're in good hands."
Fortunately, the back of the store where bra fittings were done was semi-private. Unfortunately, women going back to the fitting room would have a clear view. Furtively, Danny took in his surroundings.
"Yeah, you're pretty exposed back here. Maybe they'll just think you're flat chested, but I really recommend you cooperate so that we can get this over with quickly and you can maintain at least a modicum of dignity," warned Janet.
"Oh, don't you worry," assured Michelle. "Heather will be a very good girl for you."
"She better be," added Kristi.
"Then let the games begin," said Janet grabbing the measuring tape. The other three girls did their best to suppress their laughter as they watched Danny's discomfort at having his chest measured for a bra.
"Is this really necessary?" asked Danny.
"36A," declared Kristi. "Not ideal, but definitely workable. He doesn't have a very broad chest for a guy."
"Well he's going to have a chest like a broad soon enough," teased Michelle.
"I really like this bra," said Regina holding up a very wispy bra that was dripping with lace and loudly proclaimed its femininity.
"Oh that is nice," agreed Michelle. "Can we get something like this for him?"
"That is a very pretty bra, but if you want him to appear to have a real chest, you're going to want something that will help shape him. I can easily make him a 36B and we can go bigger if you want forms," suggested Janet.
"From a skater's perspective, I think 36B sounds perfect," said Kristi.
"We really do have some pretty bras that will work for him," promised Janet.
"And we want only the prettiest things for our little skating angel," said Michelle pinching Danny's cheek.
"We're on a bit of a budget," confessed Regina, "but he needs everything. We need panties, stockings, bras, and something to sleep in."
"I'll guide you to the sales and clearance stuff. We can do this," assured Janet.
"Great," said Kristi. "I knew we came to the right place."

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