Saturday, July 16, 2016

Welcome to College All in One Place

As an author some stories are personal, but that's rarely the case with writing erotica.  My Welcome to College series is the exception for me. It's based on what actually happened to me in college and the reason that I am still writing feminization books today.  I was forcibly feminized by girls at my college who the characters in this book are based on.  I moved some events around for dramatic purposes, but it's as true as any Hollywood movie based on a true story is (I say this as the closing credits for Straight Outta Compton are playing on my television).

This books is $9.99, which is a lot, but the original stories would cost $29.99 and the collections would cost 17.97.  I know a lot of you have these books already and nothing new has been added.  However, I'm going to try to do something very soon that I don't think has been done very often.  I'm going to write a fictional sequel to a book based on real life.  Two years ago, I had an experience that I thought could be a great start to a sequel.  I'm finally getting ready to write it.  The first eBook for Welcome to the Real World should be out in a month.

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