Sunday, August 21, 2016

Plaything 2: Out of the Frying Pan

It's sort of strange that for someone who writes mostly stand alone stories, I'm juggling three different series at the same time. There are even some similarities between them.  For instance, both Plaything and Welcome to the Real World rely on flashbacks heavily. I think the big difference is in the circumstances and the dominant.

Penalty Princess - Feminization out of necessity, but some revenge satisfaction.
Plaything - Wicked dominant taking advantage of situation.
Welcome to the Real World - Loving forced feminization between a couple.

Plaything is one of my darker series.  In Out of the Frying Pan our hero finds himself at the mercy of his roommate's girlfriend and she's got plans for him whether he wants to go along with it or not.  This one has plenty of female domination, bondage and discipline, and some extreme humiliation, some of which involves other guys.  I think most of my readers will really enjoy this one. 

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