Saturday, May 13, 2017

Caught in the Act!

This increased production from me lately is the result of Claudia stepping up her game. We found with her college books, the when I'm listed as the primary author the books sell better than when she is, but make no mistake, Caught in the Act! is Claudia's baby.  We're both having financial issues for different reasons right now and she's been pushing me to write more and more.  However, I didn't think we'd have a new book this week. I had to catch my break a couple of weeks ago and the newest Cruise Ship story took a week longer than it was supposed to.

Then she surprised me. In my email was an almost complete story that Claudia had begun in my newsletter of discovering a neighbor's crossdressing secret and using it against him.  It never got feedback and she got bored and I didn't push the issue. When I read what she had written it was terrific! The story took a turn towards sweetness and I thought the feelings and emotions were quite strong throughout.  The thing that was a bit odd was that it was written in second person as if she was saying the words.  I started to change it, but I realized the story was much stronger with her voice saying things just as she would have to a sissy neighbor who she had trapped.  I added a few small touches, changed one scene, and fixed the spelling.  I think the result is the best positive forced feminization story that either of us has written since Forced Feminization: A Love Story.

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