Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Mean Girl Mafia

Some books I write for my audience.  In the Private School Prisoner series for instance, I knew that a large part of my readership would love the idea of being a sex slave in an all girl's private school. I've had a blast writing it (And I'm more than half way through writing the third book at this point), but I wrote it for my readers.
Then we get the books that I write for myself.  Mean Girl Mafia is one of those projects.  I had so much fun writing hard boiled detective dialogue and trying to imagine what Dashiell Hammett or Mickey Spillane would write like if they were writing forced feminization erotica. 
In an ideal world, you love the books I write for myself and I love the books I write for you.  I think that approach has worked pretty good so far.  I think The Mean Girl Mafia is one of the best books I've ever written and it's been edited by two of the most successful feminization writers in Lyka Bloom and Mindi Harris.
Carl Webb is a shopworn former mall cop turned high school dean.  His job is to enforce the school's discipline code and while it's not what he'd like to do, it keeps a roof over his head. When a cute new teacher brings him a story about some girls in her class forcibly feminizing one of the male students he finds himself uncovering a conspiracy that nobody wants uncovered. Here's an excerpt:

He looked up at me intently, like a frog watching a fly, and said, "What the hell do you want?"

"We've missed you at school Joey," I said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm the new dean.  My name's Mr. Webb."

"Oh yeah, I forgot they hired a new one after we chased off Mr. Dipshit."

"Yeah, that's me."

"They got you playing truant officer now?  Even Dipshit wasn't an errand boy."

"You ready to cut the Brando act so we can talk?"

"Who's Brando?"

"A movie star," I replied. "Word is you're becoming quite a movie star, too." I got the reaction I was looking for.  He was paler than an Osmond family reunion.

"Y-you don't make any sense. Go hassle somebody else.  I'll be back in school tomorrow."

"Get out of bed kid," I instructed him.

"Fuck you," he spat.

"You could get in trouble for talking that way."

"What are you going to do? Suspend me?"

"Yeah, you got a point." I said ripping the covers off him.  I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't hold back a laugh.  He was dressed in a bright red baby doll nightie, with black thigh high stockings, and the highest pair of CFM pumps I'd seen outside of Vegas.

"You want to explain this?"

"I'm not telling you anything."

"Fine, maybe I should call your mother in here then."

"No! You can't do that," he pleaded, grabbing my arm

"Then talk.  We found Rita Malloy and Wendy Gilliam looking at a video of you dressed in drag and dancing.  What's going on?"

"Yeah, some of the girls have blackmail on me.  They've been forcing me to make videos."

"You're over eighteen, but that's still illegal and a violation of the school code of conduct.  If you finger them, I can suspend them."

"I can't finger them.  It's way bigger than Rita and Wendy. If I tell on them, they'll fuck me up."

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