Saturday, May 6, 2017

Celebrating Twisted Celebrations

My newest collection is out and it's all about cruel holidays and Twisted Celebrations. I have always enjoyed using holidays as the backdrop of my stories and when I noticed that three stories I had never used in collections before were all connected to holiday celebrations, it seemed like a natural collection.  The three stories included are April's Fool, Valentines Day Massacre, and Thanksgiving Dinner Guest.

In April's Fool, Paul Hemmer discovers that the girl who tormented him throughout high school is living in his condo and though April Blackwell apologizes for her past behavior, Paul learns that old habits die hard when he finds himself back in her web.

Valentines Day Massacre
tells the story of two boys who decide to team up in order to prank their sisters for Valentines Day. Their plan seems foolproof. Tony will prank Bobby's sister and Bobby will get Tony's. Everything seems to work perfectly until the guys realize that the girls have seen through their plan.

In Thanksgiving Dinner Guest April and Paul are back and she has no intention of taking it easy on him. When Paul receives an invitation to Thanksgiving at his sister's, he's surprised to find out that April intends to come with pretending to be his girlfriend. Can he survive a holiday with his family without his secret being uncovered.

Collections like this are meant as a courtesy to my readers who may have missed the stories the first time around or are looking to save a little bit of cash in filling in their collection. For $4.99 you get over 20,000 words of story that originally sold for $8.97.

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