Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cruise Ship Conclusions

Finishing a book always brings great joy to a writer. It's wonderful to spend some time visiting another world, but that sense of closure and accomplishment when a story has completed is a wonderful feeling. That feeling is only magnified when it's a series that has come to its conclusion.  Cruise Ship Cuckolds actually came out on New Years Eve and after four stories, it wraps up in Cruise Ship Conclusions almost eight months later.

I have to do something about completing series in less than eight months. However, I think I've created a series that you will genuinely enjoy. Bob and Adam are both married men whose wives take them on a special cruise ship where they are feminized and cuckolded. by a staff of trained mistresses. Meanwhile, the wives enjoy the good life with a pair of bulls.

The two sissies are on the ship for different reasons. Adam was caught cheating on his wife and she intends to punish him by turning him into her feminized maid. Bob's wife thinks that he would enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. Together, they undergo the training regime and in this book, it's graduation day.  Will the sissies and their wives find happiness together or are the guys about to be turned into cuckolds?

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