Friday, July 7, 2017

Quarterback Prom Queen

The writer Ann Michelle had a question on a feminization fiction forum about what people love about the genre. One of the top answers was the thrill of watching an alpha male suddenly discover that he wasn’t top dog anymore.  You don’t get much more of a fall than going from football star to dancing at prom on another guy’s arm.  

Quarterback Prom Queen is the story of a guy who takes just such a fall. It’s a four book series, but I have already completed the first three books and two are already edited so I won’t keep you waiting. I think you’ll like this story of a clever girl who puts a guy in his place and it seems a lot of people had reason to have a grudge against him.  They use this opportunity to get their revenge.too. It’s my typical forced feminization story with a little bit of extra humiliation including one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written involving a reluctant sissy and a beauty salon.

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