Saturday, February 10, 2018

Panties and Briefs

This week, I'm starting a new story on Patreon called Panties and Briefs. It's about a couple of law students who find themselves in a rivalry to be top of the class. Neither one of them is above cheating to get there and of course, this leads to my favorite topic of forced feminization.

The book is scheduled to be released at the end of March as a stand alone eBook for the usual price of $2.99.  However, by signing up for my Patreon page and pledging $1 a month, you can read the entire story for only a buck. The first installment is free, but it will definitely be getting a lot steamier as the story progresses.

Now, belonging to my Patreon page is a great way to support me and I think you'll get a lot more than $12 in free stuff for joining.  There's always free art and this week, I posted a new 1300 word story told entirely in

My Patreon page is located here:

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