Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feminization Folio Volume 7

I love these collections. Nobody writes a book without wanting other people to read it. There are successful free fiction sites that exist because even without profit motive, people want their words read. I'm no different. When somebody new discovers me, it's probably easy to just start with new books, but I'm proud of all of my work. The Folios are a great way to catch up on all my books. Forced Feminization Folio Volume Seven has books as recent as 2018 and I think there are some really good stories here. I'm most proud of Stocking Syndrome, which gave me a great chance to play with old friends one more time. The 12,000 stories that make up this volume account for 95,000 words. These are the stories in this book:

1. Night of the Cat
2. Don't Mess with Amy
3. Amy's Slave Auction
4. Dressing Room Dupe
5. My Wife's Best Friend Kicked my Ass
6. My Wife Kicked my Ass
7. Stocking Syndrome 1&2 
9. Living Together 1-4

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