Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges

If you haven't read this series from Diane and Claudia, you're really missing out.  I recently have had one of my most loyal readers write to tell me that she loves it as much as anything I've ever written. I could take umbrage, except that I'm loving it too. It's got everything that I love--a wicked domme, a cute sissy, cruelty, and loving domination.  This story has everything so far as the two dominant women have created a tale based on one of my suggestions that has become so much more that I envisioned. I think the female touch is evident in the way they took a story about a man being dominated by the woman who picked on him when they were teens and turned it into a coming of age story for his fiancée while still keeping everything I loved about the original concept. 

In Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges, Shannon is away on business which leaves Liam completely at Amelia's mercy. She's going full speed ahead and she has Shannon's blessing to do it--even when she brings a man home for Liam.

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