Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Request for Help

I have sent out a link for my annual survey. I can't tell you how much the information I get in these surveys helps me with the direction of what type of stories to publish. My survey last year convinced me to de-emphasize bondage and put more focus on physically powerful women, I started doing more single book stories and put in a bit more forced bi.  This year's survey has given me equally interesting information, but the more people who respond, the more useful the information is. Best of all, if you fill it out, you'll get a free PDF of one of my stories. The link to the survey is here.


  1. Just a bit of friendly feedback. I would do your survey if it didn't require me to login via Google. I don't trust that my information would stay private and/or not be tracked by google. If you want to have an anonymous survey, have one that doesn't actually collect the info rather than one that does and I have to trust Google to keep me anonymous. I love your work and I would love to give you feedback.

    1. I thought of this problem. Part of the issue is that I did want to be able to send people who participated a free book. What I could do is post the questions and allow people who aren't comfortable with Google (or just want to protect their privacy) to answer int he comments. Thanks for the feedback. It really is appreciated.

  2. will do and post to my fb and tweeter accts