Monday, April 14, 2014

An Excerpt from Summer Reunion

This is only a draft.  It will be proofread and content may change, but this is an idea of how the next book goes:

"I love the lake, when the weathers nice and I like to read, but when the weather is crummy, I want my electronics," said Katherine.
"Oh, I know what you mean," said Julie.
"I think it's kind of tranquil," objected William.
"You know, when this used to happen when we were younger, we used to make our own fun," smiled Monica.
"Sure, games like Monopoly or telling ghost stories killed a lot of time," said William suddenly getting an uneasy feeling in his stomach.
"I was thinking more of Britney," laughed Monica.
"Britney who," asked a puzzled Katherine.
"Britney Spears," answered Gina.
"Oh, it's kind of sad she went nuts.  I used to love her when I was younger.  I used to sing along to her first two CDs all the time.  I think I wore them out," laughed Katherine.
"That's awesome," smiled Julie.
"It sure is.  She's got something in common with her fiancée," laughed Monica. 
"Stop it, Monica!" shouted William.
"Don't overreact honey," said Katherine, "It's no big deal.  I think it's cute that you were man enough to sing along."
"Not just sing," said Julie, "She used to dress up and sing and dance with us to a karaoke DVD.  She was really good."
"Wait, she wore dresses to do this?" asked Katherine.
"Oh, she used to dress up all the time for us," said Monica.
"I wish I could have seen that," said Katherine.
"Monica!  Let's go home now," demanded William.
"Don't be silly.  It's pouring out there and things inside just got...interesting," giggled Katherine.
"You know Katherine, I have about a half dozen scrapbooks of Lilly, if you'd like to see them," suggested Monica.
"Is Lily what you called William?" asked Katherine.
"It sure is," laughed Gina.
"No," demanded William.
"No what?" responded Julie.  You're not in a position to be making demands of us.
"Tell you what," said Gina, "Remember how we used to arm wrestle when we were younger? If you beat me, then Monica won't show Katherine the scrapbooks, but if I win then you'll let Julie dress you and do your Britney act for us."
"I'm not going to arm wrestle you.  This is just stupid," said William, crossing his arms and sulking.
"Don't tell me you're afraid to arm wrestle a woman?" asked Katherine.
The moment the words left Katherine's mouth, William was sunk.  He had felt that his masculinity was being stripped right in front of his girlfriend and now if he didn't wrestle Gina, he'd look like he was backing down because he was scared a girl would kick his ass.
"Fine, but if I win then this all ends tonight," demanded William.
"OK, but if you are upping the stakes, we get to do the same," chided Monica, "When you lose, you'll answer to the name Lilly as long as you're at the summer house."
"This is so stupid," said William putting his right elbow on the table.
"Think you can finally beat me, Billy?" said Gina with supreme confidence.
William looked over at Katherine.  She was really getting into this little contest.  He had to show her that he was the man here and do it fast or his relationship would face some serious repercussions.
Gina and William locked arms and immediately Gina noticed that it wasn't as easy to beat William as it used to be.  Still, he was struggling and he was barely able to budge her arm.
"Oh, he's sweating now Gina," laughed Julie.
"Come on Gina, kick his ass," cheered Katherine.
"Even your girlfriend is rooting against you, Lilly," laughed Monica.
William was straining now.  Finally, Gina had enough.  She exerted herself and pushed William's hand to the table.  It was over.  In glee, Gina taunted, "Take that bitch!"
William tried to pull his arm up from the table, but Gina held him down firmly and squeezed his hand in her iron grip.
"Hey, let my arm up," he whined.
"What's your name?" asked Gina.
"You know what it is," responded William in discomfort.
"Say it!" demanded Gina.
"It's...Lil..Lilly," said William glumly.
The girls all cheered his admission, but nobody seemed more excited than Katherine.
"OK Lilly, do you want us to make you pretty?" asked Gina continuing to squeeze his hand.  William dropped to his knees to try and lessen the pressure.
"Yes," nodded William.
"Then beg us," ordered Gina.
"Please make me look pretty.  Please," said William defeated.
"All you had to do was ask, Lilly.  Why don't you step into my beauty salon and we'll get you all pretty," said Julie.
William stood and tried to rub the pain out of his hand.  Reluctantly he followed Julie into the bedroom while Monica poured everybody another glass of wine.
As William entered Julie's bedroom, it felt like old times.  She went through a drawer and tossed him a black bra and panties and a nude pair of pantyhose.  He went into the bathroom and returned after putting them on.
"No to make you pretty," smiled Julie.
"Why are you doing this?" pouted William.
"Because, you were born to do this.  Besides, it's fun for me," said Julie as she spread liquid foundation over his face.
William had been in this situation many times before and that same helpless feeling came over him as Julie began to pluck stray hairs from his eyebrows.  They definitely didn't cross the line into feminine, but they were no longer really masculine either when she was done.
Monica stuck her head in the door and snickered as she saw William sitting there in his feminine underwear.
"We put in the karaoke DVD.  Let's start with Slave for You," said Monica.
"I've got just the thing, but he needs a strapless bra," replied Julie.
Fifteen minutes later, the music began on the DVD.  The lyrics were written on the screen, but William knew it by heart already from all the times he had to do it for the girls when he was a teenager.  Katherine knew that William would make an attractive woman, but she was in no way ready for what she saw.
Stepping into the room, dancing to the music was her fiancée.  How could he dance like that on those black heels? They had to be 4 inches.  William was wearing a black mesh dress with ruffled trim with floral print lace that didn't even make it to mid-thigh.  His hairless legs looked very shapely in their hosiery and the padding in the dress's cups gave him very noticeable cleavage.  Julie had taken great care with his hair.  Out of his pony tail and teased, she saw just what a great head of shiny blonde hair he had.  His eyes looked so big and his bright red lips were radiating sex.  Katherine couldn't believe it.  

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