Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is There Anybody Out There?

When you have a blog, hits are a funny thing.  There are all sorts of reasons that this blog will get hits.  Somebody might want to get a picture of pantyhose on sale or some kind of bot from Russia may be doing it.  However, I have noticed some people finding this blog from Amazon and from Goodreads.  I hope that means that people are finding the blog and that the writing I'm doing here isn't in vain. There's a poll here for visitors who have read the Welcome to College stories and if you want to buy any of my books, I'd appreciate you using the link.  The way Amazon works if you buy a book for $2.99, my cut is $2.08.  However, if you use one of my links, my cut is $2.20.  That's not a big difference, but if I can make a couple of extra bucks it helps.

Summer Reunion is going great.  I'm through nearly 3,000 worlds and I really like the characters.  It's much more character driven then Welcome to College and it probably won't have some of the intense humiliation of that series, but I think it'll be quite a satisfying read in the end.  Here's a little taste of things to come:

The girls had graduated college 3 years ago and Monica immediately got a job as a science teacher, but Julie went to medical school and Gina went to graduate school for sociology.  In the middle of a freezing Midwest winter, the girls had made plans to share a beach house together up at the lake where they first met.  Now, Monica saw that their neighbor was that same boy they had so much fun with as teens.  This was too good an opportunity to pass up.  She grabbed her phone and dialed up Gina.
"Hey Gina.  It's Monica.  When are you getting down here?" asked Monica suddenly excited.
"Julie is picking me up tomorrow and we should be down by noon.  Getting lonely already?" asked Gina.
"Not at all, I just saw our neighbor," laughed Monica.
"Oh, is he cute?  No calling dibs until I see him," joked Gina.
"You know him," said Monica.
"I do? Who is it?" asked Gina.
"Remember Billy Pfeiffer?" asked Monica.
"You mean Lilly Pfeiffer?" asked Gina as both girls laughed.
"The one and the same," said Monica.
"Man, I shouldn't have thrown out that one little black dress I had," teased Gina.
"Oh wow!  Remember how cute she looked in it?" reminded Monica.
"Not just that dress.  Remember that one sexy wine colored dress that Julie had?" asked Gina.
"We used to make her go to dances in that one and the matching heels," laughed Gina.
"He dance card was always full, we made sure of that," said Gina with a sense of pride.
"He still has long hair," said Monica wistfully.
"Really?  It's a shame that we can't still dress him up like that," said Gina.
"Why not?" asked Monica.
"Cause we're 25 now," responded Gina, "What would your school board think?"
"Hey, it's summer vacation.  I'm thinking a maid would be a great thing for us this summer," replied Monica.
"Yeah it would.  Are you serious?" questioned Gina. 
"Make sure Julie and you bring some of the essentials down here.  I'm sure we can get Lilly to pay us back," replied a giddy Monica.
"This is going to be awesome," laughed Gina.

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