Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Shopping Misadventures

One thing about my experience in shopping for women's clothes, either with the girls assisting me or on my own, was that they had a lot of friends who worked retail part time.  Most of the time, if a sales girl asked if she could help me and she appeared to be college age, I got worried.  Eventually, they started insisting that I tell sales girls that what I was buying was for me.  This meant, I couldn't convince them I was shopping for my girlfriend or even, most of the time, that I had a girlfriend for fear I'd get reported.  It the end it was a pretty symbiotic relationship because I'd get a discount a lot of the time and they'd get a commission or at least some amusement to brighten up their boring day working retail.   Trying things on was tricky, but if the sales people knew what was going on, they could be very accomodating. 

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