Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Embarrass Yourself Buying Pantyhose

This is a story that didn't make the cut from book two of Welcome to College.   It was one time when I really brought the embarrassment on myself by being too uptight.   When I was first feminized, the girls put me on a gradual regiment.  It began with wearing panties everyday.  A week later I had pantyhose added, a week after that I had to start keeping my toes painted, and a week after that I had to wear a bra or camisole under my shirt, weather permitting.

This meant, that when it was time to start wearing pantyhose everyday, I had to buy enough to have one for everyday.  Before that, I had one pair that Amanda had me keep after dressing me in them, but I didn't have any others.  The girls decided to take me to the mall and have me buy them myself along with one bra, a size A that I could wear under my male clothes.   They all got seats in the food court where they could see Macy's.  They then sat at a table drinking Diet Cokes and watching me.

I circled the women's lingerie section once trying to look nonchalant.  I found the hosiery, but didn't have the guts to go in and look through it.  I paused I made another pass and then I went inside to buy my pantyhose, but I soon realized that I'd have to really look at the packages to find a pair that would fit me.  I left for a few moments because I saw two real women enter that area, but that walked back around only to be greeted by a saleswoman who didn't look much older than my 18 years.  She was a pretty cute blonde if I remember correctly.

"Hello, can I help you sir?" asked the sales girl.
"My er-girlfriend sent me to get her some pantyhose," I said.
"Oh, OK.  What size is she?" she asked.
"Uhm, I'm not too sure.  She's about 5"8" and maybe 140 pounds," I responded.
"Just about your size.  That would be a size CD in these," she said handing me a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections.  It was pretty obvious that she wasn't buying my story.
"That will be great," I said.
"Does she need anything else?" she asked.
"Uhm, she needs 6 more pairs.  Different colors would be good," I responded sheepishly.

When I asked for an A cup bra that didn't have an under wire or any padding, she must have really wondered what was up, but it was pretty obvious that the saleswoman didn't for a moment believe that my very small chested girlfriend sent me to buy 7 pairs of pantyhose.  As I left the store she said, "I hope you like them.  Come back again sir."

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