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 Reunion is not a sequel, it's a story about a dominant woman, her friends and her sissy that is completely self sustained and requires you to read no other book.  However, Reunion is also a sequel.  If you remember, a few months ago, I published a story on this very website called The Girl's Washroom.  It got renamed to Mean Girls and Mermaids and after an editing was published on Amazon.  This story looks at those characters 10 years later. 

Eric is a very successful young executive.  In fact, he's on the 30 Hottest People Under 30 list.   In high school, he was bullied and feminized by Allie and her friends.  With his ten year reunion approaching, Eric decides to go back to his old home town to rub everybody's face in his new found success.  Unfortunately, it's awfully hard to outrun your past and Allie and her friends make sure that he experiences a new level of humiliation at the reunion.  Here's an excerpt to entice you:

"Well, lead the way," agreed Eric his confidence returning.

"I've got some friends over."

As she opened the door to her bedroom, all of Eric's confidence raced away from him with a speed even his car couldn’t have matched. His face turned a ghostly pallor, as the three girls looked up from the old pictures and yearbooks they were busy pouring over on her bed to greet him. They all had big smiles on their faces, not the pleasant smiles of old friends reuniting, but the predatory smiles of a lioness eyeing up a trapped zebra. 

"Hey Ariel," purred Ashleigh from the bed. Eric recognized them all. They were Ashleigh the tall blonde, Brandy the Latina hottie and even Tricia the striking brunette all watching him tremble in the door way. 

"He-hello girls," croaked Eric. It didn't matter how successful he was or how large his bank account was. He may have been one of the fifty most important people under thirty-years-old, as stated in the national magazines, but to these girls he was still Ariel, their dress-up doll sissy. The last time they had been together had been at that one graduation party where they put him in a scandalously sexy dress that belonged to Tricia and then forced him to make out with a football player from another school. The poor jock never knew, but everybody else at the party did. Eric suddenly wanted to make a mad dash for the door, but Allie was standing right behind him.

"I think we're all going to have a lot of fun tonight," said Allie with just a little too much enthusiasm for Eric's taste. "Do you mind keeping Eric company, while I change?"

"Not at all," agreed Brandy. 

"So Eric," Ashleigh interjected, "Allie tells us that you're quite successful."

"Yeah, I'm doing pretty good, I’m in computers," agreed Eric a small measure of his confidence returning.

"Wow, that's great," said Ashleigh. "I'm in teaching, Brandy does real estate, and Trish...well just what do you do anyway Trish?"

"I married well," joked Trish. "I also do some web design on the side, just to keep busy."

"So you're all doing well too, that’s great." said Eric with mock sincerity that he realized was just a bit more obvious than he had originally intended. He didn't like the look Brandy gave him.

"Do you still like to dress up as Ariel?" asked Brandy.

"No, I've put all that behind me," insisted Eric

"Oh, that's such a shame," said Trish "and you were so good at it."

"Hey remember what great legs she had?" asked Ashleigh.

"Oh yeah, and those lips--natural cock suckers, if I ever saw some." agreed Brandy

"The guys would always act so disgusted that she'd even turn up at the graduation party in a dress, but then they couldn't help spending the evening checking her out," joked Trish.

The laughter of the girls made Eric feel very small and insignificant. He cringed in embarrassment with each new memory and there were just so many of them.

"Remember when we tied you up in the girl's locker room in a baby doll and left you for the girl’s volleyball team to find. They must have had hours of fun with you," said Brandy. "Tying you up was almost as much fun as dressing you." 

"Are we all having fun?" asked Allie returning now looking absolutely breathtaking in a little blue dress. 

"Well we are," said Trish. "but I don't know that Ariel is. I think we might be making her a little nervous, with all our memories."

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