Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tanning Time Again

It's that time of year when a sissy's thoughts turn to girls wearing bikinis and possibly even wearing a bikini yourself.  There is nothing that makes a sissy feel more emasculated than having a bikini outline tanned into their skin.  Unlike a regular bikini, you can't remove it without spending a long time tanning to even out the sun on your chest.

When I was feminized in college, of course Amanda and her friends didn't forget to inflict this indignity on me.  Freshman year, we had no real private area in the dorms, but sophomore year when they had a house off campus, when I went over to clean I frequently found myself in the backyard afterwards working on my tan. Now, I can assure you that this behavior was no more voluntary than the fuchsia two-piece bathing suite with white flowers that I was wearing.

The girls added a unique touch one day, when I was doing my required time working on my tan.  When they rented the house, they inherited a small pile of kids toys and games in the basement.  These were pretty old.  Among the toys were the board game Sorry, a Peter Pan Colorforms set, and some plastic letters with magnets in them.  As I was laying on my stomach, the girls had the bright idea to put the Tinkerbell Colorform on the small of my back with plastic letters arranged above it to spell out P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S. 

The result was a suntan tramp stamp of incredible humiliation.  Every time I went over to tan for the rest of the summer, the sticker and the letters were placed in the same location to cause the tan to get darker.  Sometimes, they were way too clever for my own good.

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