Friday, July 24, 2015

Bound by Goddess Claudia

It's weird to call her Goddess Claudia because I've usually just called her Claudia.  However, I've been very lucky since last Halloween when I was discovered.  You may remember that I was quasi-blackmailed into crossdressing.  Once as Audrey Hepburn and once as a generic girl.  I wasn't too worried because there were a completely different group of people at each party, but there were a very small number of crossovers.  One of them was Claudia who was a neighbor of the hosts of one party and a friend of the host of the other one.

She not only noticed that I came in two different female costumes, but also that I was rather skillful in my heels and that I was smoothly shaven and when she talked to me, I couldn't really give a very good explanation of who did my makeup. Rather than using this as a chance to expose me, she instead used it as a chance to reveal herself.  Like me, she had some rather interesting early experiences with forced feminization, though from the other side and like me she was in the process of discovering just who she was.

The result has been me finding a good friend, a wicked domme, and an extremely creative co-writer.  Just as I've been growing by exploring my submission again, she has been exploring her dominant side.  Beginning with It's Nothing Personal: Breaking a Billionaire, she's been an adviser on my writing.  Beginning with The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, where she literally zip-tied me to the chair and then wheeled me away from the desk so that she could take over the computer, she's really been more of a co-writer.

I've gotten the chance to explore forced feminization, wrestling, bondage, and humiliation with her and it's been amazing to try some of this stuff again.  She hadn't been willing to make her kinky side public until now.

Beginning with Convention Feminization, I will begin to give  Claudia co-writer credit and it's even possible that she'll write some of her own stories in the future.  Her story of how she got into forced feminization itself would make a great story.  I am not her property and I'm not really her sissy, but we do play and I think it's definitely improved my stories.


  1. Claudia looks beautiful and I can see the domme shining through in her eyes. She seems to be a true muse and I hope to read her own stories soon.

  2. Oh you definitely will. I think I passed a long one that she wrote to you for proofreading and editing.