Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Was Feminized and Tortured by Gwen Stefani

I am really psyched to have a chance to post something to my blog that I am not hoping ends with you buying my new book.  I apologize for how neglected this page has been.  I just have had very reduced time and chose to use it creating new ebooks rather than blogging.

The title of this post is a bit misleading, but it remains true.  I was watching a bit of The Voice tonight and was impressed at how hot Gwen Stefani still is at age 45.   Anyway, it made me think that this was a story I should tell you about.  I had a very humiliating shopping trip to the mall with the girls.  The feminization had been going on for about a week, my legs had just been shaved and I was informed that pantyhose would be joining panties as part of my daily wardrobe.  In fact, as we left to buy me my daily hose and a bunch of other things, I was wearing a pair of borrowed hose.

I've talked about this shopping trip before.  It's when the story I posted a few months back about buying pantyhose took place, and the shoe shoe experience was just as humiliating.  It was four hours of having dresses held up to me, being teased, buying dresses, and being put into embarrassing positions.  When we got back I was not happy.

Deanna told Amanda that she couldn't wait to see me in some of the new things I had bought.  Amanda replied that they should have me do a fashion show as soon as we got in.  They were in the front seat, I was in the back and I just lost it.  I told the girls they were sick, swore at them, and spent probably 30 seconds telling them off before I opened the door to storm off.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that Deanna's car had child safety locks and I was now trapped in the car with them.

Following a humiliating spanking in the parking lot, I was led inside where I was stripped down to my bra, panties, and pantyhose; makeup was applied to my face, my hair was teased, and my new heels were strapped onto my feet.  I was then tied to the chair facing the full length mirror on the inside of the front door.  

Before the girls left, they hit the CD player and I could hear the beginning of a No Doubt song called I'm Just a Girl playing.  What I didn't know at the time was that the song was on repeat and it would be going for the next six or seven hours.  To this day, I will drive into traffic to avoid that song, but just for you, I'll put the video here.  As you can see I was tortured by Gwen Stefani even if she didn't know it.

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