Saturday, October 3, 2015

Forced Feminization: A Love Story
As an artist or a writer, commissions are an interesting area.  A writer that I very much like and respect had offered me a commission to write a story for him and asked me what price I'd charge him.  I told him, that if I could publish it, I'd charge him considerably less and he agreed.  He gave me the bare bones of his fantasy and I filled in the details.  The result is Forced Feminization: A Love Story.

This story is more romantic than my usual tale. I like that about it.  Like a lot of my readers, I do dream of a woman who will want to participate in all my fetishes and even encourage me to take things further.  That's just what Lauren does for John when she discovers him in a compromising position.  I enjoyed writing this story of a supportive woman and a guy who won't take yes for an answer.  I think if you have ever dreamed of having a supportive woman indulge you in your hobbies or if you're lucky enough to have one, you'll enjoy this one a great deal. 

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  1. Just read this story, and it's really great! Deserving of a sequel.