Sunday, January 3, 2016

Caught by Their Past

The next part of Sam's Feminization is called Sam's Tormentors and if my editor does his usual outstanding job, it'll be out next weekend.  In the meantime, I just released a new collection today.  The purpose of collections, is for people who discover my books to be able to pick up stories they might have missed and to do it at a discount.

In all my collections, I try to keep a common theme to the stories.  Caught by their Past is all about guys who had a history of crossdressing and how it catches up with them.  It contains one of my first stories in Summer Reunion and one of my more recent stories in Forced Feminization: A Love Story as well the story Reunion, which came out between the two of them.

Summer Reunion is the story of a writer who was feminized by a group of girls every summer of his youth at his parent's beach house. Now as a successful adult, he returns to the beach house and finds that they're in the cottage next door. Is this coincidence or something else? How will he ever keep his fiancee from finding out about his past. Originally, this story was released in two parts.

Forced Feminization: A Love Story is about a lifelong crossdresser who believes his relationship is over when his girlfriend walks in on him all dressed n her clothing. He may just get more than he ever bargained for and maybe more than he ever dreamed.

Reunion tells the story of a young executive who seems to have made it before his thirtieth birthday. He's rich and powerful, but when he attends his ten year high school, he learns that you might be able to go home again, but you really shouldn't.

All of these stories are by best-selling author Kylie Gable and individually cost $11.96. There are over 28,000 words in this volume about feminization forced and otherwise, female domination, bondage, humiliation, cuckolding, forced bi, and a loving monogamous relationship.(How did that get in there?)

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