Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Complete Convention Feminization
We're still a little backed up at the editor on the next Sam's book, which should be out next week.  With a blank week on the schedule, I decided to release a book that I'd plan to put together for awhile.  Convention Feminization was originally supposed to be one book, but it sort of took on a life of it's own.  The make characters acted more defiant than I had planned and the women were more vindictive.

The same thing happened to me two years ago with Summer Reunion, so just like with that series, I bought both books together into one title for $3.99.  I think this is one of my most deliciously humiliating stories. There are just so many opportunities for humiliation at a pop culture convention whether it's San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, or Anime Expo.

Convention Feminization tells the story of a blogger and a podcaster who make the mistake of angering the female fans at a convention.  They put the guys through their sissy paces in a contest that promises humiliation for both of them and ruination for the loser.

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