Sunday, April 17, 2016

Candy Apple Press

You may have noticed that my newest story Party Favor is listed as being published by Candy Apple Press. I haven't talked about what Candy Apple Press yet, but I assure you there are some big things in our future.

Candy Apple Press consists of myself, Claudia Acosta, Mindi Harris, and Alyssa Paige.  All of us have been fairly successful publishing forced feminization stories with an emphasis on plot. We don't spend 200 words describing having lipstick applied and 5,000 words describing oral sex.  There are other writers who do that sort of thing.  However, if you enjoy plot with your panties, I think you'll like all of our authors.

Practically, for us it should make it easier to advertise and promote our books and also to break into doing more audio books and perhaps even paper backs.  This really feels like being picked for an all-star team and I feel honored to be in such elite company. 

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