Thursday, January 26, 2017

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

When I was growing up, my parents were some of the last holdouts for getting cable.  That meant in the early 90s I was growing up watching a lot of reruns of syndicated shows on local television. At a really young age, I discovered the Dick Van Dyke show.  Not only did I love the show, but I got a massive crush on Laura Petrie.

I've mentioned before that I didn't experience forced feminization until college, but I think I've always been turned on by female domination.  Laura was both sexy and fun.  She was also a bad ass.  When a drunk was harassing Rob at a bar, it was Laura that knocked him out with one punch.  It was made very clear that she had judo training and in several episodes she flipped or threw Rob.

I think I've always been looking for my own Laura.  Somebody who could be fun, flirtatious, and still flip me over her hip when the mood hits her. I'm still looking, but I haven't given up hope.


  1. Dear Kylie,

    I also grew up with a massive crush on Mary Tyler Moore, or more precisely, Laura Petrie. The difference is, I wasn't watching the shows in reruns!! :) Laura was one of the first female characters on TV to wear pants too. And it was never really very clear exactly who did wear the pants in the Petrie family, if you get my drift! Rob brought home the bacon, but he also did what Laura told him! My first actual girlfriend was even named Laura.

    As for finding my real Laura, did that too. She's not as funny or sexy as Laura Petrie was, but back in the day she was a nationally ranked, tournament competition black belt in judo. And yes, she tossed me around a few times! She's 70 and well past competition these days, but she still could do it if she felt the need.

    Mary Tyler Moore was an amazing woman, and she will be sorely missed!

  2. Ken, that is such an awesome post. Thanks for sharing that with the blog :-)

    1. You are welcome, Miss Kylie.

      I also forgot to mention that these days, I endeavor not to give her cause to throw me around nearly as often as I used to! :)