Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Final Part of Penalty Princess is Out

You know, when you bite off more than you can chew you never go hungry, but that being said, I probably made a stunning miscalculation last summer. I don't usually have a lot of order in mind when I plot out what book to write next.  Those who read my newsletter know that the order of upcoming releases is constantly changing.

This summer, I started writing what was going to be one book called Penalty Princess.  Somehow, that one book became four.  Now, I don't flinch about writing series.  Some of my most popular books have been series, but after Penalty Princess, I started an actual series in Welcome to the Real World.  When that book got held up in editing, I started a third series called Plaything.   My new rule going forward is only to have one series going at a time.  I'm overjoyed to be down to two series finally.

The fourth book in the Penalty Princess series finds our gang at the Maritimes Championship in Saint John. Danny has become a very passable young woman as well as a quickly improving figure skater, but there is a lot he's unprepared for.  From his catty competitors to the romantic illusion that is pairs skating, he has to find talents and courage he didn't know he had just to survive.  Then there is the matter of his coach, Kristi Conolly. Why does he find himself so drawn to her and are his feelings reciprocated at all?  She has every reason to hate him after injuring her with his temper.

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