Friday, April 28, 2017

Crime Doesn't Pay

I have two new products coming out at the same time. I'm happy to report that the audio book for Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors and our new eBook Property of the Cheerleaders is out as well.

"To me being a cheerleader meant being a somebody in a school full of nobodies. They wore the trendiest clothes, dated the cutest boys, and went to all the best parties. They did whatever they wanted. They never did homework or studied for tests, but somehow they didn't flunk out. Everybody knew they smoked and hung out in the second floor girl's room, but nobody ever gave them a hard time. No teacher ever came to bust them"--Wendy Hull

I had so much fun writing this book.  I've long said that I wouldn't do a cheerleader book until I could do something original with cheerleading.  I think I did it. I've done a lot of research for my books, but I have to admit rewatching A Bronx Tale and Goodfellas was unusual for telling the stories of a high school cheerleading team. The story owes a lot to mob movies like those. 

The narrator is a girl named Wendy Hull who recounts a story of dizzying highs and bottomless lows making her school's cheerleading squad. These girls ran the school and they took what they want when they wanted it. Their number one hobby was feminizing the guys who got in their way or crossed them.

In Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors, an uptight bank manager cannot leave his neighbors alone when he decides they are not the type of people that he wants in his neighborhood.  When he gets caught breaking into their house, they decide to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

This is the first time I worked with narrator Veronica Adler and I hope that it will not be my last.  She's an actress and it really shows with the way she puts meaning into my words and gives them an impact that they didn't have when I read my own writing.  If you already own the eBook, the audio book is ridiculously cheap and it's so much better.  Click here for a sample of Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors.

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