Friday, April 7, 2017

French Exchange
Some things just seem to go together.  I mean, movies are great and popcorn is delicious, but together you get cinematic history.  I think I lucked into finding just such a pairing.

French Exchange is one of the best stories that I’ve ever written.  I wrote the first 8,000 words, got stuck, and put it aside for another year before writing the last 17,000 words.  The main character is a French girl who is as wicked as she is sexy. She is spending a year taking classes at DuPont College and she’s set her sights on the naive son of her host family.  Throughout the book she wraps him around her finger and when he finally figures things out, he realizes that he’s more trapped than ever.

Enter Lou Renoir.  She’s an actress and a native French speaker who fits this story perfectly.  Not only is her French accent wonderfully sexy, but she handles the dominant parts beautifully. This is definitly a case where you have a creation that is even hotter than the sum of its parts.

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