Monday, June 5, 2017

The Plaything Collection

A snafu with Amazon over the release of the new Jaguar book encouraged me to put out my collection of Plaything stories early so that I'd at least have something new this week.  Little did I know that the snafu would extend to this book and take forty-eight hours to publish.

I'll be the first to admit that I screwed up with the Plaything series as well as the Penalty Princess and Welcome to the Real World series (though I am in the middle of writing the next WTRW book right now).  Don't get me wrong, I think this is a really enjoyable read.  The concept of a boy who lucks into the most amazing twin dominants when he is high school and then meets an abusive dominant in college was well-written and there were some great scenes in the books.  The problem was when the books came out. 

Book 1 - June 26th
Book 2 - August 21st
Book 3 -December 11th
Book 4 - March 17th

Right at the time when I needed to pull back to a more relaxed publishing schedule, every great idea I was coming up with was for another series. Making people wait nine months for 25,500 words in inexcusable and not a mistake that I have repeated with my two newest series Cruise Ship Cuckolds or Private School Prisoners.

It's a shame I did this to the series because I think it's a great story of both the right and the wrong way to dominate someone.  Even Claudia couldn't believe how evil I made Tina and found her comeuppance perfectly justified.  I'm hoping people who missed this the first time around might discover it now in complete form.

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