Saturday, March 31, 2018

Panties and Briefs

Law school is a very competitive environment. Panties and Briefs is the story of a paper chase that turned into a panties chase:

Jax is used to things coming easy to him and law school is no different. He's fighting it out with Estephanie for first in his class and he's not above playing dirty to come out on top. Estephanie has fought for everything she's ever had and when she catches Jax in a plot to take her out of the competition, she calls over her best friend Gabriella and the two of them know that payback is a bitch. Jax will be a bitch to by the time they're done with him.

This 6,000 word story is a very slow and thorough feminization of an obnoxious jerk at the hands of two very attractive young women. It contains themes of forced feminization, bondage, female domination, and humiliation. It is intended for mature audiences.

The wax was finally heated and Gabriella began applying the bright pink substance to the back on Jax’s legs. The young women waiting for the wax to set up and then began removing strips of the wax from his legs removing Jax’s leg hair with it. They repeated this process up and down their helpless victim’s body leaving only a heart shaped patch of hair above his smallish cock. The girls laughed know how humiliated he would be when he saw what they had done to him.

With his body denuded, Gabriella announced, “We’ll need to take him into the bathroom for the next part. I don’t want to ruin your sheets with the dye.”

“What color are you going to make him?”

“He’s a white boy. He has to go blonde,” snickered Gabriella.

“Platinum blonde?”

“Of course.”

“That’ll take a long time.”

“You told me we’d have twelve hours.”

“I really owe you for this,” said Estephanie. “Can I ask you a huge favor?’

“A favor in a favor, chula? You push your luck.” 

“I have a really killer test. Can I study while you do this?”

“Go ahead,” sighed Gabriella in mock exasperation. “Figure about seven hours.”

“I didn’t expect this to be an all-nighter for you.”

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