Monday, March 5, 2018

Living Together Part 2: A Day at the Mall

Living Together keeps rolling along and I can promise you, it's already written and will be finished in exactly four weeks. I really like the finished product and I'm sure that you will too.  This chapter deals with a trip to the mall and presents a turning point in the series. 

Now that Brandon has been discovered wearing their panties, Morgan is out for revenge. She takes Brandon further along the road to feminization in a humiliating shopping trip to the mall. By the time they're done, Brandon will have acquired all sorts of humiliating purchases if Morgan has anything to say about it. This chapter represents a major turning point in the four part series that promises to change everything for our three roommates. 

"I think I may have just the thing for his first dress," suggested Reina rushing off and grabbing a red dress off one of the racks at the back. Lyssa helped me out with it back in the dressing room. The silky fabric actually felt great against his skin though he knew that the flared sleeves would bother him if he wore it for any extended length of time.

"That looks great on him," said Tina when Brandon reappeared.

"The loose fit will conceal his lack of curves while still being sexy especially with the mini-skirt length," offered Reina

"Let's put that in the definite possibilities category," declared Morgan. "If we can't find something better, we’ll have a winner."

For the next forty minutes Brandon tried on a wide variety of dresses. Sometimes because they were genuinely looking for something better and sometimes because they were just having fun and wanted to embarrass him by making him model something ludicrous in front of them, with the growing crowd enjoying the free show. Even Reina was getting in on the act, purposely pulling out some of the sluttiest club wear they had, just so that she could have him prance up and down in it for the appreciative audience. 

"I think we definitely want that red hippy chick dress that Reina found us," declared Morgan eventually. "But, we still need to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.”

"This is going to be something you can tell your grand kids about, Brandy," teased Tina.

"And we have lots of pictures to help you remember it all," agreed Morgan holding up her phone.

Brandon just sighed. The red dress wasn’t especially expensive, but he didn't want to have to wear it out in public. They all walked up to the counter together where Morgan gave Reina his money, but she gave the dresses to Brandon with a big smile and a wink. The salesgirl who had become a co-conspirator in his complete humiliation told him, "Oh, please do come again sir."

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