Saturday, March 31, 2018

Feminization Folio Volume 2

The idea behind the folios is to give a people a chance to read books they may have missed the first time at a really reduced price. I know that some people like to collect everything I write and if you're one of those people, it's a much cheaper way to fill in your library.  In these folios, I try and put stories in chronological order, but if a book is part of a big collection (more than four parts) I leave it out and I move books around so that all parts of a story are back to back so you don't get stuck with an incomplete story.

Forced Feminization Folio Volume Two is from the end of 2014 and that's a time where I really came into my own as a writer, I think. Volume One stories averaged 6,000 words.  The stories in this volume average over 10,000. Some of my favorite stories are in this section too.  I am really proud of The Operator, Hoops, and The Mask of the Jaguar especially.  This is what my cover artist Annabelle Brito had to say about the stories in this collection:

1. Reprogrammed
2. Doubling Down (*One of the best captured scenes from Kylie)
3. The Mask of the Jaguar (*The female vigilante feminizer!)
4. Halloween Humiliation
5. Hoops
6. The Operator
7. Giftwrapped (*Loved how a guy gets girftwrapped)
8. It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire (*Its just good)
9. Mean Girls and Mermaids (*Just read it, you will love it!)
10. Friendly Seduction

It's really fun for me to look back at a time period and see what stories I wrote.  I remember Doubling Down was the first story I ever  released unedited and it was terrible.  Fortunately, it's since been edited and fixed. Breaking the Billionaire was a story when I had no idea what to write and I just tried to use the Lester Dent fiction method.  For a writer, his books are almost like his children.  Seeing them like this is like seeing baby pictures.


  1. "This is Annabelle B and I approve this story collection." Seriously, Kylie included some of her best work in this collection!

  2. Always nice to repackage the classics and introduce them to a new audience!