Friday, March 23, 2018

Living Together Part 4

Wow! I totally forgot to promote Living Together 4.   I apologize.  Hopefully, you've read the other three parts  and are really enjoying this story of our trio of roommates. Things are really heating up and Brandon is expected to go on another date with Doug.  The girls are even training him how to go down on a guy.   Just when things look darkest, maybe there will still be a happy ending.  

Morgan immediately walked over the buzzer and after verifying it was Doug, she buzzed him up. He was dressed sharply in a black leather jacket and khaki pants. In his arm was a bouquet of flowers. As he entered the apartment, he was nearly knocked off his feet by Brandon’s appearance.
“Wow! You look amazing!” he exclaimed.
“Doesn’t she clean up well?” asked Morgan coyly.
“I’ll say,” replied Doug.
“You’re too kind,” said Brandon. “You look great too.”
“I brought you some tulips,” said Doug. “I remembered that they were your favorite flower.”
“Oh yes, thanks,” said Brandon trying to gush. He remembered saying that over the phone, but it was just the first flower that he could think of.
“Oh my God! You two are such a cute couple,” raved Morgan. “You bought flowers and everything. So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”
“Well, I have reservations for Bistro Everest,” said Doug. “After dinner, we could go to Smoke, which is just up the street if Brandy feels like it.”
“Well, I’m sure she’ll feel like it. Won’t you Brandy?”
“Oh yeah,” said Brandon with mock enthusiasm. “Smoke sounds like an awesome club from all I’ve heard. I always wanted to try it out.”
Everest is supposed to be terrific too,” added Morgan. “It sounds like you two have quite the night ahead of you.”
“Yes, it sounds wonderful,” said Brandon.
“Well, we had better get moving. Our reservation is for 7:20,” said Doug.
“Sure,” said Brandon nervously grabbing the women’s coat that Morgan had loaned him for the evening.
“Have her home before midnight,” said Morgan. “I don’t care if it’s not a school night.”

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