Friday, June 21, 2019

Theft Sucks!

I am so disgusted right now and I feel violated. Last night, I discovered a forum where they were sharing over 100 of my stories. I never made any bones about the fact, that I started writing stories because my regular income wasn't meeting my expenses and loving feminization stories, it seemed like the best kind of side hustle. I never intended to get rich making .05 cents per word. I have also paid for cover images and in some cases editing and other expenses to promote my work.

When I was on there, they were even bemoaning that they thought a forced feminization comic site might be going out of business. Hmm, I wonder why when those very same people were posting all their comics to that forum where anybody could post them for free.

As I try and figure out how to pay my bills, somebody is saving $3 on a story that it took me 10 hours to complete.  That story might have only made me $60 and you just stole 5% of my sales. I'd rather they had mugged me.

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  1. Yeah, I agree.

    So much work goes into these stories behind the scenes:
    -Finding the time to write
    -Being asked by Amazon to tone down or change content to fit their standards
    -Editing again
    -Designing an eye catching cover (that deserves its own chapter)
    -Writing an eye catching juicy summary to entice readers
    -Pressure from your co author as to why the book is not out yet
    -Another edit (added a better ending and found typos)
    -Finding the time to write after your busy day job
    -Sending it out for the readers to enjoy
    -Rejection from Amazon
    -Modifying content again
    -Sending it out again...hopefully for the last time


    I have always loved this community despite our secretive nature, but I always thought we watched out for each other at least in some way shape or form. Buying from an author is the ultimate compliment and encourages us to produce higher quality work. More of what you like and enjoy! You are like investors and we are accountable to you the reader/buyer. If you are a buyer of the book you have every right to complain, but if you are stealing it you have no right to complain about the lack of quality or what you would like to have read. Also it severely affects future possible projects (The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu: Illustrated, Pegging Sue: Illustrated, the podcast, The Jaguar Comic Book! An actual calendar inspired from Calendar Girl and more!).

    Please consider being a true patron of the author and continue to support your favorite author through purchasing work the honest way and it builds a stronger bond within our community