Sunday, June 23, 2019

Two Series Wrap Up

In a weird timing situation, both Pamela and I finished our series last week.

The Madame X series lasted 4 books and was about a man who was being blackmailed into feminization both at work and at home. The twist is that he had no idea who was doing it to him. The mysterious Madame X knew his deepest secrets and using his work email had contacted him to give him orders. Even worse, his most annoying neighbor found out was quite happy to use his predicament to her advantage. Enslaved by Madame X is the fourth and final book in the series.

The Sissy's Mentor series is a five-part story about a college freshman who winds up through a mixup, spending a summer rooming with a senior who has just graduated.  When she catches him violating his privacy, she decides to teach him a lesson by feminizing him. That's just the first step to a  very unlikely friendship that helps prepare a frightened 18 year old to become a college man.  In The Sissy's Mentor Part 5, it's the end of our series and moving day for our main characters.

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