Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Feminization Revenge

To me, the simplest forced feminization story has always been--guy is a jerk, women get revenge on him, he learns a lesson. Frankly, even my own autobiographical experiences fit into this pattern. Pamela Harlow's Feminization Revenge is just such a story, but with two different sissies. The tough part of these stories is finding a way for the punishment to fit the crime.  Rape shouldn't be punished by having to wear a dress and cutting off somebody in a parking lot should not be punished by having to suck off 50 guys at a biker bar. When these stories are well-written though, they're both erotic and cathartic.

In Feminization Revenge, Pamela Harlow has written one of the best  I have read of this particular style. The guys are just bad enough and the women are more than a match for them. It's a great story about guys taking advantage of a girl and then her housemates at the university teaching them a lesson they'll never forget. If you like my books, check out what Pam's doing. It's pretty amazing.

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