Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I can't think of the last time that I have taken a week without publishing a week. I started looking through my Amazon page and gave up when I started getting into 2017.  This will be that week for me. I have a story I'm partially through, but it will not be done by Thursday and I have already announced I'm taking a week off the Podcast this week.

I'm falling behind on some important things so I'm really fighting to let me take a bit of a breather, but it's not going to be that much of a total vacation. I just got a wonderful audio version of April's Fool that I'll be putting up on IWantClips and Clips4Sale today.  I also will get caught up a bit on this Blog and my newsletter. It's hard to sell books when you're not letting them know what's coming out.

I have a fun story about a guy who learns a bit about feminization and nail care on August 16th, but I'll still be around and getting other stuff done til then.  Oh, and Pamela sent me the first part of a story she's working on about one very bad day for a high school loud moth that I'm quite enjoying. I can't thank you enough for your support.  The new stuff is coming.

P.S. This  video is making me want to do a Go Gos or Bangels book now lol.

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