Thursday, August 22, 2019

Vacation...Yeah Right --- Back to School Special

I really tried to do a  vacation, but by Thursday I was jonesing to publish another book and I squeezed out a Back to School Special.  I am spread a little thin right now, which is why the blogging has suffered. These three stories have a back to school theme to them and it did seem like the right time of year to put it out.

Perfect: A college freshman thinks he has found the perfect girlfriend and she thinks he's perfect too. The question is exactly what is he perfect for? A college forced French Maid story.

Maria: An untold tale from Kylie's college days about the maid that found him dressed and tied up...twice.

My Freshman Bitch: A freshman mistakenly damages a college senior's car and she teaches him a lesson he'll never forget.

I think it's a fun little read when you are waiting for morning announcements or lounging around your dorn room.  Go back to school in style

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